Instructions for mold

1) Fill the mold of  clay ( polymer or other) . Press firmly. Level the surface with a small roller. Remove the surplus of clay with fingers and level again.

I prefer cook my figurines directly in the mold. So I avoid deforming my figurines by removing them of the mold. This is particularly important for the small figurine ( less than  20 mm) or for delicate figurines like roses, chrysantèmes, or figurines with a lot of fine details. if your figurine is simple, you can remove it of the mold before cooking.


2) Simply twist delicately the mold so that the figurine goes out.
If you use clay, metal or other types of clay that you bake at high temperatures, you can let dry the clay into the mold before removing. In this case, be careful that the clay does not break when you get out of the mold. A tip; put some olive oil in the mould with this types of clay. So the clay will not stick in the mold.

3) If you remove the figurine before cooking,cut the surplus of clay with a knife before the cooking. If you have cooked the figurine directly in the mould, cut the surplus of dough with a knife,an exacto or scissors.